“Taking the art of affiliate marketing to
the next level
  James Olaiz 
   CEO of  Best cityperks
A few years ago I was marketing a
local discount card
 which consisted of a foldable wallet sized card.
I knew that there had to be a better format which offered consumers hundreds of
products and yet was still wallet sized so that it could be easily and readily accessible.
That’s when Best city perks
Was born.
The new BESTCITYPERKS CLUB CARD has 4 categories on the card with 4 Club stickers for each category. The four categories are Dining and Entertainment, Automotive, Health & Beauty and the Bonus Category. With just the four categories I can have hundreds  of products and services tied into the

How the card works, the consumer logs on to www.bestcityperks.com  looks for the product or service that is listed with a coupon offer, saves the coupon on their  phone or tablet,  takes the saved coupon on their phone or tablet with their Bestcityperks Club Card to the company listed on the offer.  The merchant takes off one of the Patented  Bestcityperks
Club Card 
 to redeem the offer.
It’s as simple as that.
Now it even gets better,
I decided to build a website that has hundreds to thousands of Companies listed on
So each time I logged on to the internet,
 I wouldn’t have to keep looking up each company’s website address.
That being said,
That gives the consumer total Free access to Millions of products and services worldwide with
money saving discounts. Some even with free giveaways.
 So just log on to www.bestcityperks.com
 Remember this service is 100% Free.
for the great Local Deals,
Like discounts on oil changes,
Hair and Nail Salon Specials.
Local Resturants
Free buy one get one dinner’s up to 4 free per coupon.
 All the deals that you need a
 BESTCITYPERKS CLUB CARD to redeem the offer
for are listed in the offer with the color of the sticker needed to redeem the offer.
My promise to you is we always keep looking for new and great deals,
 I feel the more we can offer you the consumer the happier you will be.
 A happy customer will always keep coming back for more.
Also if for any reason  you are not 100% satisfied with our
just return it within 30 days
and you will receive a full 100% refund.
Thank you for using
James Olaiz
Fell free to call us anytime at:
800 695-5818
or Email us at:
[email protected]bestcityperks.com
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