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First of all,  and Amazon are the only companies that were found online that allows the companies who advertise with them, to be able to with just 1 click translate their ads into 10 different languages. That alone will bring you business. Please read the U.S. Census Bureau Report Below.

U.S.Census Bureau July 2016:

 ( – In California–which with a July 2016 population of 39,250,017 is the nation’s most populous state. 44.6% of the people five years of age and older did not speak English at home, as their 1st language according to data released this week by the Census Bureau.

A study carried out by the Common Sense Advisory found that a massive 75% of online shoppers that spoke Spanish as their 1st language felt more comfortable reading Spanish over English. The Study also showed that 60% of them would most likely only purchase products or services that were advertised in Spanish on the site. Even though they somewhat understood the English language used on the website.

That being said, is now up and running its Translating program that will deal with all the non –English Speaking as 1st language customers. Below I explain how it works…

We place your  service and product ad’s on  We lay each Ad out in a way that with just 1 click all your Ad’s will translate from English into Spanish or 9 other languages. Note: all ads have to be laid out a certain way for them to be translated correctly.

Listed below are the languages we currently have:

 Spanish, Chinese, Filipino, Vietnamese, Thai, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese and Italian.

The consumer logs on to Bestcityperks, goes to the city they want, clicks on see’s all your ads, clicks on the language they want the ad to be translated into. Saves the ad to their phone. Brings the ad into your store or business along with their Bestcityperks Club Card to redeem the offer.

Please Note: The saved ad will be in the language they choose, but there will also be a scannable QR code with the ad in English.

I truly believe this new program will help with all the Non English speaking as their 1st language Customers.



 We Bring  Business

Owners together


 New Customers

Every Day.

Business Owners

 Advertise on our website.

With their specials in the form of a redeemable

  Coupon from our web site.

The New Customer goes To: web site,

 Finds the special they Want then, saves the

 Coupon Code to their Cell phone or tablet. 

They then take their saved coupon code from their cell phone or tablet with


 To redeem

 The daily, weekly and monthly

 Special Offers with that Business offering the Special,

It’s that easy

Any questions please just contact us 

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